Österlen - Mon Amour!

A series of photographies from the magic province of Österlen in Sweden
Friday 6 July - Friday 20 July at Studion, Skillinge Teater
Vernissage Friday 6 July at 15 -19
The photo-gallery is open the following times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 16 - 19. Saturday and Sunday at 12 - 19
Here is a link to an article, in Swedish, about the photographic exhibition.

After last year’s success with her photographic exhibition at KonstRundan at Österlen; Lena Måndotter now returns for the summer season 2018 to show her best images of this mythical landscape and nature - transformed by the southern light.
Her photographies are accompanied by some inspirational texts by her friend travel-writer Tomas Löfström.

  • THE SECRET OF THE SEA ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • THE SEA OF GYLLEBO ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • THE FISHERMAN ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • LIGHT FROM THE EAST ©Photo Lena Måndotter



  • SELF-PORTRAIT ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • GYLLEBO ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • RAINBOWDANCE ©Photo Lena Måndotter

  • VITEMÖLLA ©Photo Lena Måndotter

The photographies are fine-art prints; in big format on high quality art paper. Each photographic print is signed by the artist and printed in a limited and exclusive edition. The photographic images can be ordered in most sizes, perfectly suited for the customer’s needs. Contact the photographer for more information about special orders. phone: +46 730380037 or info@lenamandotter.com

Lena MåndotterLena Måndotter

Besides working with fine art nature photography; Lena Måndotter is greatly interested in the life of animals and the wisdom they carry in their souls.
As a photographer Lena spends a lot of time around them - waiting for the magic moment to arrive. Below are some photos from different series of photographies..

THE SOUL OF A DOG (© Photography: Lena Måndotter)